Cottesloe Residents & Ratepayers Association

John Hammond
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"Keeping Cottesloe as a relaxed beachside suburb."

Vice Chairperson:
Greg Boland
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"We have a beautiful coastal environment in Cottesloe. I want to do all I can to keep it that way."

Gail Manton
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Yvonne Hart
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"Cottesloe is known around the world for its famous beach and unspoiled environment. It is a privilege to live in Cottesloe and so important we retain the look and feel of its laid-back style for generations to come."


Patricia Carmichael

"Cottesloe is known for its iconic beach and lifestyle throughout the world. With the random development of many pristine locations worldwide, there is a greater need than ever to preserve what is cherished by so many for both current and future generations."

Tim Evans

"I want to ensure that Cottesloe retains its sense of grace and vitality, to grow its identity as a place of casual sophistication and to recognise the natural coastal environment as our most treasured asset."

Peter Rattigan

Tony Rudd

"I'm passionate about retaining Cottesloe's iconic appeal as a safe place for beach-goers and residents alike and protecting it against Governments, on all levels, turning it into the Gold Coast Mark II."

Jack Walsh