Cottesloe Residents & Ratepayers Association

This page summarises key issues we are addressing. They represent only the view of Members of the Association and do not necessarily reflect the attitudes of the broader Cottesloe Community. They are listed alphabetically and are numbered purely for reference purposes.

1. 'Ad Hoc' Zoning Changes: 126-128 Station Street

CR&R has been very concerned about the way a recent Development Application has been handled by the Town of Cottesloe (TOC) for 126-128 Railway Street. It appears that the agreement to change the site’s current R20 (single residential) zoning to R80 (mixed use unit development) was approved by TOC prior to community consultation, as required by TOC’s own Communication Policy and inconsistent with the Town’s Local Planning Scheme. CR&R has passed a vote of no confidence in TOC’s planning process. To view the Association's submission click here.

2. Cottesloe Foreshore Renewal Plan

The following is a link to the Town of Cottesloe's web site on the Foreshore Renewal Plan. Cott R&R has made a a submission to Council on the Cardno Report. You can also view a Powerpoint presentation to Council on the Cardno Report.

3. Curtin Family Home

Former Australian Prime Minister John Curtin has a family home in Jarrad Street. CR&R is discussing with TOC the possibility of erecting a plaque to recognise the home. For a photo of the plaque plus a detailed background to its history, click here.

4. Enquiry by Design (EbD) - 2008

The Cottesloe Enquiry by Design process was held in late 2008.
The purpose of Enquiry by Design was 'to address two unresolved aspects of the Town of Cottesloe draft local planning scheme (LPS3)':

1.  Railway Land

2.  The Cottesloe Hotel, Ocean Beach Hotel and the area bounded by Forrest St, Eric St and Broome St. It included the Cottesloe foreshore study.

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) required the EbD to be jointly undertaken by the Town of Cottesloe and the DPI to resolve the issues. A leading urban design consultant was appointed as co-ordinator. State Government representatives, independent experts, the community, and stakeholders were included in the 5 day forum, with more than 25 professional experts attending all workshops.
The report was printed in March 2009 and is easily found by searching 'Cottesloe Enquiry by Design'. It can also be found on the Town of Cottesloe website ( /Council/Key documents/Strategic documents or you can try to ciick here
A petition was lodged April 5, 2011 in response to Premier Barnett's moves towards high-rise. It was signed by 30,395. The petition demanded a 12m/3 storey height limit along the beachfront.
Other petitions (all before online petitions):

1.  The re-opening of the Fremantle trains - 110,000! (line closed 1979-1983)
2.  15,000 signed a petition in 2007 to stop the Yaragadee development

In an article about notable petitions to parliament, Cottesloe Enquiry by Design wasn't mentioned.

5. Greening of Cottesloe

CR&R is concerned about the loss of trees and canopy in Cottesloe and supports a systematic approach to managing, protecting, preserving and enhancing existing vegetation in parks as well as private land and road and railway reserves.  
CR&R supports the $100,000 that TOC has allocated to this purpose, as part of the yet-to-be-released Foreshore Development Plan. In due course this will be linked to the Enquiry by Design (see 3. above).

6. Indiana

The Association supports TOC in its efforts to call the lessee to account as a result of alleged breaches relating to repairs and maintenance as well as failure to exercise their option to renew their lease. CR&R believes the site should become more accessible and usable by the community in general and beachgoers in particular. CR&R also supports TOC’s stepping in to help maintain the toilets to a satisfactory level and has passed a motion of confidence in TOC for their handing of the issue.

7. John Utting

John Utting was a long-serving Member of Council and CR&R is negotiating with TOC to have a street named after him. Laneway 64 has been suggested.

8. "Leeuwin" Sailing Ship

CR&R believes the world-class sail training ship “Leeuwin” is deserving of support by TOC as the Shire of Harvey/Brunswick had already funded youth to experience the benefits of sailing on the “Leeuwin”.

9. Rules of Association

As of July 1, 2016, the Associations Incorporated Act 2015 comes into effect. As a not-for-profit incorporated association, the Constitution and By-Laws need updating and recently voted to do so.

10. Strata Title Act

CR&R is concerned that suggested changes to Strata Laws will legally enshrine the forced acquisition of private property for private gain, not for the public good as currently exists. It is understood this is a statewide and not a purely local one, and also that it is now unlikely to be presented before the upcoming State election.

11. Strategic Community Plan

CR&R has responded to questions in the Plan. Please click here for our submission.

12. Perth @ 3.5 Million Transport Plan

CR&R has submitted a response to the State Government's plans for the future of Perth Transport. To view the Government's Plan click here. To view our submission, click here.

13. Station Street Place Making Strategy

TOC has commissioned TPG Consulting to devise a vision for Station Street. CR&R has made a submission which you can read here and would welcome any further input from members of the Association or from any Cottesloe resident or ratepayer.


2014 Chairman's Report
2016 Communications Policy
2016 John Black Dune Park submission